Kellogg’s Cocoa Makeover: Chocolate Flavour Corn Flakes!

Remember the days of begging for cocoa puffs over boring corn flakes? Well, step aside, sugary cereals, because Kellogg’s just dropped a game-changer: Chocolate Flavour Corn Flakes!

That’s right, folks. Your favourite golden flakes are getting a cocoa makeover, promising a burst of chocolatey goodness in every crispy bite. This ain’t no wimpy drizzle, mind you. These bad boys are infused with rich cocoa flavour, making them the ultimate breakfast treat for chocoholics young and old.

But wait, there’s more! Not only is this a flavour first for the classic cereal, but it’s also surprisingly HFSS-compliant, meaning you can indulge guilt-free (well, kind of). Plus, it’s packed with fibre and vitamin D, so you can feel good about giving your morning bowl a chocolaty upgrade.

Where can you get your hands on this chocolaty wonder? Buckle up, cereal adventurers, because we’ve scoured the web to find the best deals:

  • Tesco: Be the first to grab a box (exclusively at Tesco until February 6th!) for a tempting £3.29. Dive in here: Tesco – Chocolate Flavour Corn Flakes
  • Booker: Wholesale heroes, rejoice! Stock up on a price-marked pack at Booker. We couldn’t find the exact price online, so give them a ring to be sure!
  • One Stop: Choco Flakes land in One Stop on February 6th, so mark your calendars and get ready to raid the shelves!

Student, soldier, or superhero (okay, maybe not superhero, but firefighters and paramedics are pretty darn close!)? You deserve a breakfast discount! Unfortunately, Kellogg’s doesn’t have any specific student/military/emergency service offers for Chocolate Flavour Corn Flakes just yet. But fear not, cereal champions! These retailers often have general student/military/NHS discount schemes, so it’s worth checking their websites or asking in-store:

  • Tesco: Student Club Card holders get 10% off groceries online and in-store. Sign up for free here: Tesco Student Discount
  • Booker: They offer a “Bulk Buy & Save” card for businesses, which might be handy for larger households or emergency service stations. Check their website for details: Booker Bulk Buy & Save
  • One Stop: Unfortunately, One Stop doesn’t currently have a public discount program, but they do offer regular special deals and promotions. Keep an eye on their leaflets and website for sneaky savings!

Craving more chocolaty goodness? Check out these other cocoa-tastic treats to satisfy your sweet tooth:

  • Kellogg’s Coco Pops: The OG chocolate cereal, still going strong! Find them at Tesco for £2.75: Tesco – Coco Pops
  • Nestlé Chocos: Packed with creamy milk chocolate, these are a nostalgic nibble. Grab a box at Sainsbury’s for £2.50: Sainsbury’s – Nestlé Chocos
  • Alpen Light Bites Hazelnut & Chocolate: A healthier option with a satisfying crunch. Get them at Ocado for £2.75: Ocado – Alpen Light Bites

So, what are you waiting for? Get your spoons prepped and dive into the world of Chocolate Flavour Corn Flakes! Remember, Tesco’s got the early scoop until February 6th, then the rest of the UK can join the choco-party. Don’t forget to check out those student/military/emergency service discounts and explore our other cocoa-tastic suggestions for a breakfast bonanza!

Happy munching! 🍫🥣

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